04 Dec

Daytime Paws Covid Guidelines – Dec 2021

Please have a read through if you have any questions on what to do if a member of your household tests positive for Covid, or is asked to isolate.

Please feel free to get in touch at sarah@daytimepaws.co.uk or 07588 410399 if you have any questions!

1. Isolating family member?

Please contact Daytime Paws as soon as possible to letus know if a member of your household is isolating or COVID positive.

2. Can’t walk your dog?

If there is no one in your household or extended family able to walk your dog, Daytime Paws can help.

3. Dogs from isolating households

Following government guidelines, dogs from isolating households must be walked on lead and separatelyfrom groups. It is essential that you notify us as soon as possible so that we can tailor our schedule accordingly. Please note spaces will be limited

4. Collections and drops offs

All collections and drops offs will be completed withfull social distancing, PPE precautions and good hygiene practice.

5. Equipment

Daytime Paws will use all of our own equipment i.e collars and leads, so dogs should be left bare for collection.

6. Handling precautions

There is currently no evidence that our pets can pass COVID 19 to humans and so precautions for handling pets should be on a similar level to those we take for contact with any other shared surfaces.

7. Benefits of dogs exercise

Exercise for dogs is a welfare issue and so Daytime Paws is very happy to continue to provide care for your pets; making your household happier, healthier and on the road to recovery faster.

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